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Ancient galaxies from Hubbel Telescope - and young people who will never see their images

Hubble Space Telescope photograph

Hubble Space Telescope photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Images from Deep Outer Space

These beautiful images, which were released yesterday, are so incredible that a person could spend hours (or even days) looking at them - they are a very different and distant world compared to our everyday life. We don't even have the language to really describe them. Perhaps poetry is the best language.

Don't you feel like meditating on them?

Yet there are also black holes which scientists know very little about. Shouldn't we meditate on them too?

Yet, on this earth right now, people in Syria are killing each other, in terrible, terrible situations

In countries such as Syria, most young people will never see these images before they die, often of torture. Something terrible is happening there, and we - hard to believe - can not act responsibly to help solve the problem.

Many readers feel that what is happening in Syria is not our concern. But I do not agree.

If we can see these images from deep in space, close to what we think are probably the beginnings of the solar system, surely we can help to solve this terrible crisis in the Middle East.

Consider, for example, the words of Karen Armstrong, who is a scholar and activist in Christianity, Judaism and Islam:

As well as the following:

Now I wonder... what do the torturers of these young people (or anyone, for that matter) think about for the rest of their lives? Is it in their consciousness forever? How do they deal with it?

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