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After six days closed, new section of Bay Bridge to Oakland opens Tuesday

SF image

SF image by Lawrence Morgan

Bay Bridge closed for six days; open again Tuesday

For those of you who have been to San Francisco or Oakland, I had to post this so that you could relive your memories. The Bay Bridge has been closed for six days. It opens Tuesday morning, but not without a lot of controversy regarding the large bolts which have been broken and their temporary fixes.

Here is a wonderful video of the last trip across the old Bay Bridge, from inside an auto looking backwards:

Pictures of the bridge being built

Remarkable photos of the bridge when it was first being built:

And here is a bit of background on the Bay Bridge. Before the bridge was built, all transportation to and from San Francisco had to be completed by ferry.

And I can't resist including this video of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco. It's incredible.

Final Construction for Eastern Span of Bridge

Bridge is now open at 12:30 pm Central Standard Time, early Monday morning.


Here is the sunset taken Saturday evening before the bridge opens (Photographs by Marada Acayan):

Marada Acayan photograph

Marada Acayan photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Marada Acayan photograph

Marada Acayan photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Marada Acayan photograph

Marada Acayan photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Marada Acayan Photograph

Marada Acayan Photograph by Lawrence Morgan


The Magic in San Francisco has happened - now, let’s do it in Lawrence

Bay Bridge photograph

Bay Bridge photograph by Lawrence Morgan

The Bay Bridge (from San Francisco to Oakland) is now lit with 25,000 LED lights!

Here is the Bay Bridge live. The camera is turned on 24 hours a day. At 6:30 pm our time (Pacific Standard Time), the lights are turned on, and they continue until 2 am in the morning. Take a look now:

Eventually they will have to run the lights all night, so that people in other parts of the world - Europe and Africa, for instance, can see them and come up with new ideas for their own country.

Here are more pictures and videos from the Chronicle:

And now ask yourself. Why couldn't a similar project be done in Lawrence! People would come from all around Kansas and neighboring states to see it. The bridge over the river to North Lawrence is not the Bay Bridge, but it has plenty of possibilities, as does downtown and other key areas of Lawrence.

And this doesn't mean just stringing up LED lights. Each project could be planned with specific effects in mind. For example, the Lawrence bridge might include words and sentences from key poems throughout the ages. Because words and sentences would be constantly changing, this would be a tremendous sight.

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