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June 4th: Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

the guardian images

the guardian images by Lawrence Morgan

The World Doesn't Forget

The following article, from The Washington Post, provides Americans with background about Tiananmen Square survivors and their sons and daughters.

Pictures of Tiananmen Square

For those of you who are too young to remember, here are pictures of Tiananmen Square in June 4, 1989.

Here are pictures from today's events in Hong Kong and China:

A leading Chinese poet writes his poems about Tiananmen Square, often from his prison cell:

Today's paper- the South China Morning Post (from Hong Kong) - June 4, 2013

Today's South China Morning Post from Hong Kong

And here is today's article from the South China Morning Post about "The day that changed everything":

Latest News from China and Hong Kong

Poetry by James Fenton

Monday, August 25, 2008 "Tianamen" by James Fenton


Is broad and clean

And you can’t tell

Where the dead have been

And you can’t tell

What happened then

And you can’t speak

Of Tianamen.

You must not speak.

You must not think.

You must not dip

Your brush in ink.

You must not say

What happened then,

What happened there.

What happened there

In Tiananmen.

The cruel men

Are old and deaf

Ready to kill

But short of breath

And they will die

Like other men

And they’ll lie in state

In Tianamen.

They lie in state.

They lie in style.

Another lie’s

Thrown on the pile,

Thrown on the pile

By the cruel men

To cleanse the blood

From Tianamen.

Truth is a secret.

Keep it dark.

Keep it dark.

In our heart of hearts.

Keep it dark

Till you know when

Truth may return

To Tiananmen.


Is broad and clean

And you can’t tell

Where the dead have been

And you can’t tell

When they’ll come again.

They’ll come again

To Tiananmen.

Hong Kong, 15 June 1989

Historic image

Historic image by Lawrence Morgan