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Singing bus driver in San Francisco


Mike Kepka photograph

Mike Kepka photograph by Lawrence Morgan

No. 29-Sunset bus driver changes the day for many people in San Francisco

Mike Kepka has done a wonderful job writing this blog, especially with the accompanying video. I personally have taken this bus, the No. 29 bus, as the driver, Charles Davis, was driving it down Sunset Boulevard towards Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

I took this bus because my car had just been stolen - a common occurrence in San Francisco these days (and it's just been located, but I haven't had a chance to see it yet and to find out if it still runs).

I'm wondering - does any bus driver in Kansas sing, or have other special talents which really put a smile on people's faces?


And - Is there some way in which certain buses in Lawrence could be enjoyed as special, unique buses-places to have a ride just because of what the bus features?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

If you read this article and watch the video, I guarantee that you, too, will have a much better day!

And - today I just found another bus driver who also sings, but in New York City. He sings arias!


Getty Images

Getty Images by Lawrence Morgan


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