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If you missed the event live, here is a video of Jumbo asteroid 2000 EM26, which was not seen ("recovered") tonight


Here is tonight's video from the Slooh Observatory - the Jumbo asteroid 2000EM26 was supposed to be seen as it passed the earth tonight, February 18, but there was no sign of it

The Slooh Observatory attempted to observe the 2000 EM26 as it passed Earth today, but without success. The asteroid is a 270-metre chunk of rock as large as three football fields. Scientists think it is moving past earth at about 27,000 MPH, although no view of the asteroid was seen.

The nearest point of contact will be 2.6 million kilometres from Earth.

Even though the asteroid was not found tonight, the video has fascinating things to say about asteroids and near-space exploration. You will enjoy it.

Here is the Slooh web site (the telescopes are on the Canary Islands:


And the lpj website, which also has much of interest, follows.



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