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Help create videos and articles for next year's Valentines Day - February 25, 2015


Many points of view for Valentine's Day 2015

The New York Times published this series of articles and videos today, February 14, 2014. It's going to take some time to look through all the videos, but they are worth your time to look at every one. It's a lot better than just playing a DVD, although there are some great movies out there.

But this is HERE AND NOW.

They are nothing short of amazing. From lovers getting engaged to friends staying close to one another, they show every aspect of life - be it young or old, straight or gay, sickness or wellness. Each video explores a different kind of relationship, but all are equally important. Throughout this country, what we need is to be able to share these many different kinds of relationships, to broaden our perspective on life.

Take a look for yourself - be sure to watch all the videos and read the articles, as well, if you have time. Each video explores a different kind of relationship; but all are important. Throughout this country, we need to share these kinds of relationships and put them down on film and in writing for the rest of the country to watch.

Take a look for yourself. Explore the link below in great detail.


Kansans could do the same type of thing. I would love to see Kansans depict their life, whether it is in Lawrence or Dodge City. It would be wonderful to share these moments with others throughout the country. Let's try for next Valentine's Day, a year from now.

This is what Valentine's Day is really about - the human condition - and not just about presents and gifts.

Take your time during this next year and write an article or prepare a video. I will have a special email for these events shortly.

And take a look at what the New York Times has assembled!


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