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Day 2 of the African Summit at the Whitehouse


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President Obama greets young Africans to the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

Day 2 of the Africa Summit

President Obama gives a toast:


Clarence Page (Chicago Tribune) gives his view on the Africa Summit:


Here is an article which just appeared on the internet from the Washington Post. Since electrification is a big issue in many African countries, this initiative could be very important. Without electricity, factories can not be built and home life is much different.


"Usually, leaders with such dismal records on democracy and human rights aren't welcomed at White House galas." - Doyle McManus


African Leaders talk with investors from America

The New York Times today has the following article, without much real information included:


Unfortunately, I have not been able to find individual articles which feature each leader in a separate piece. To me, this seems to be a serious drawback with the American press. Most articles state pretty much the same thing, over and over again.

In my point of view, each of these leaders comes from a very different country. We should be hearing about each country in a separate, detailed article.

But instead, we hear almost nothing about the details of each African country. Americans, in particular, come away with nothing new learned about what could have been a tremendous opportunity for growth



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