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Three Miraculous Things


deepbrazil images

deepbrazil images by Lawrence Morgan

Searching for a brother, a father, and long-ago roots in another country

These are three great articles and films. Two, a video and a film, come from Brazil. The third video comes from Cuba and Africa, via the BBC.

The film, "Central Station," I knew about and saw many times when it first came out. Eventually I've had to keep a copy ever since.

A brother finds a brother in Brazil

But the other two came to my consciousness only yesterday and today. I was very surprised when I opened email from my friend Kelly Babbit, who also lives in Kansas City. Before returning to the United States this year, he and his wife lived in Germany- and what I found when I played the video was the amazing story of Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho, a homeless man in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I needn't say anything else about it - just look at the video yourself.


Thank you, Kelly.

The Ganga-Longoba of Perico, Cuba find ancestors in Sierra Leone

I then found myself happening to look at the BBC website -- and all of a sudden I found on the front page today the fascinating story of how the Ganga-Longoba of Perico, in Cuba, found their ancestors in a remote village of Sierra Leone in Africa.


Central Station - Central do Brasil

Shortly thereafter I remembered the film, "Central Station," which I hadn't seen for a long time. It is thought to be one of the best Brazilian movies ever - so I looked at it again this afternoon. Now, though, it is also on the internet with English subtitles.

All of these films revolve around a very important theme: in the first video, a brother seeks a brother in Brazil, and finds him. In the second video, Cubans find their ancient ancestors in western Africa. And in the third film, a son seeks his father, also in Brazil.

To my mind, they are all remarkable and breathtaking.

I wanted to include one web site, for a starter, on Brazil: Brazil explained in 100 images.


You can go from there to learn about many aspects of modern day Brazil, including the Portuguese language, which I've always wanted to learn.

And a good web site for Sierra Leone, in Africa, to begin with is:


Can you post other videos and films which depict a mother or father, or son and daughter, seeking to reunite their family?

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justthereqa image by Lawrence Morgan


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