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A 13 year old Mongolian woman, and 2 Kahzak hunters, father and son: using trained eagles to hunt for prey in Mongolia


express.co.uk image

express.co.uk image by Lawrence Morgan

This is incredible journalism

These pictures depict a way of life so completely different from that of the western world, that I can only watch it, and the beauty of these photographs, with astonishment.

A 13-year old Mongolian woman uses trained eagles to find prey, such as a fox. The men have done it for hundreds of years; but I have never seen such a combination of beauty of the landscape and superb action as is presented here. These are real people in real situations, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, not pictures in a movie. You may not be familiar with this part of the world. If not, please don't hesitate to use maps. You will note that Kazakhstan and Mongolia are border states.


A friend of mine who is from southern Sudan describes having to fell a lion as part of his initiation ceremony. This action, like the pictures and video from Mongolia and Kazakhstan, depicts a life so different from ours that it is really impossible even to imagine it.

First, look at these photographs. I would be surprised if you don't return to them many times.


Then, go to the video. The video depicts two Kazakhs, father and son, using eagles to catch their prey.


It is not possible or perhaps desirable to say anything following viewing of these photographs and the video - except to view them with admiration and astonishment - and to share them with others.


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bbc.co.uk image by Lawrence Morgan


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