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The lunar eclipse on video (in case you couldn't stay up) and songs about the moon, April 15, 2014


Griffith image

Griffith image by Lawrence Morgan

In case you weren't able to stay up all night for the lunar eclipse, here it is on video tape, as well as some great songs to accompany the blood moon


There were thousands upon thousands of people watching, from Brazil to Australia - it was a fantastic experience.

Some wonderful songs to go along with the lunar eclipse (blood moon) follow.

From Dvorak's opera

Irish folk song

Neil Young

Simon and Garfunkel

Bruno Mars


Tony Bennett


Teresa Tang (Chinese)

Doris Day

I like all of these songs. But there must be more in other languages.

Please don't hesitate to put them in the comments.



Lawrence Morgan 3 years, 11 months ago

It's foggy here, but it's clear in Los Angeles!

Lawrence Morgan 3 years, 11 months ago

The lunar eclipse is over, but you can watch it above on video.

It is my thought that this video is a great tool for teaching. The teacher can leave the video on, and students can look at it when they wish. They may be doing other things at the same time, especially some type of work with their hands, but they can turn to the video at any time.

Each person could, for example, concentrate on preparing (through art) a small portion of the entire half of the moon. They could then put each person's individual pieces together to form one large moon - the part of the moon that we see when we look towards the moon.

Another idea is to show how the eclipse actually took place - this could be done in a lot of different ways, which may include movement and light.

And don't forget the word for "moon" in its many different languages.

The young people kind of "absorb" the video while they are working - and, for many people, great ideas come from this kind of mindful concentration. Certainly it is true for me.

I have also included some excellent songs about the moon, which you can play before, after or during the video.

I am especially interested in hearing songs about the moon in other languages from around the world. Hopefully, some of you may have a song to share and be able to post it in the accompanying comments.

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