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Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday - July 18, 2013


TimesDaily image

TimesDaily image by Lawrence Morgan

Mandela at 95 years - an amazing person

Mandela has given his life so that others could be free.

What more could a person give than that?

Children sing for the 95th birthday


The Washington Post did a wonderful graphic for those who are younger or who may not be aware


The New York Times article follows.


Slide show from the New York Times

Here is a New York times slideshow from the events of July 18, 2013.


Messages for Mandala from The Washington Post:


Latest birthday celebrations from South African news

A gallery of photographs from South African news:


Following is an updated article, with many wonderful news sources, from South Africa:


If there are any persons from South Africa in Lawrence, I would appreciate hearing from them.

I'm also surprised that Lawrence doesn't have a major celebration for such a man!

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sportsyahoocom image by Lawrence Morgan


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