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athaia by Lawrence Morgan

Many Journal-World readers may not know much about Africa, except for occasional stories in the news. The Journal-World is especially bad about this, because personal blogs are very difficult to find on the web page. This is not just true with geography, but also with subjects such as technology and nature. I feel this area needs to be revised, so that blogs on these areas are given just as much importance as blogs on sports and politics.

As you may know, I have correspondence with Africans who live in a variety of countries throughout Africa. I will be including their comments in the future, as I get them from my conversations on Skype. I have already started to comment on well commons about cigarette smoking in The Gambia. I will write much more about this in the future, much of it written in the African correspondent's own words. I just hope that more readers of the Journal-World somehow can find these personal blogs, so that they, too, can know more about it.

In this blog, I am going to point out some important sources for African news, especially slides and videos. The BBC is a very good source for African pictures. For example,


Here are more pictures from Africa, from the most recent BBC web page.


and Kenya:


as well as pictures from all over Africa.


In South Africa, much is happening, including this dance for freedom in the South African township of Katiehong.


France24, which features news in English, French and Arabic 24 hours a day, has a great weekly feature called THE WEEK IN AFRICA. The current edition is on problems in Ivory Coast. Each edition also carries good news, as well as bad news - there is usually something positive happening which the French report on in detail, as well.


In addition to the Congo, Mali has had tremendous problems recently. They are highlighted here. Watching this series each week will give you a great background on French Africa, especially.


Many readers of the Journal-World's web page also know very little about the animals - not only of Africa but in most parts of the world. Children as well as adults enjoy this series.


Take a look at these programs and web features. I'll give more in the future, plus there will be first-hand knowledge direct from Africans on the continent.

Sustainable transport

Sustainable transport by Lawrence Morgan



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