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Nelson Mandela - a musical tribute


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telegraph images by Lawrence Morgan

A Musical Tribute to Nelson Mandela

This is a musical tribute to Nelson Mandela, featuring some of the many songs about Nelson Mandela and his life.

The Nelson Metropolitan University Choir

First, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University's choir sings its tribute to Nelson Mandela.

and here is the presentation from South Africa on television.

In case you are further interested in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan choir, here is their performance of "Homeless" in Patagonia, Argentina.

I also couldn't resist putting "African Hymn," also from their Patagonia, Argentina concert, here. There may be people who haven't listened to this wonderful South African choral music before.

The Lion King

Now, we go to the Lion King on Good Morning America. Lion King and South African Ron Kuene explained, "To sing these words today means a great deal because without Nelson Mandela - without his leadership and also his ideology of a non-racial democratic South America, we would not be here today. This is the man that really prevented streams of blood in our streets" (from The Hollywood Reporter).


"I found solitary confinement the most forbidding aspect of prison life. There is no end and no beginning; there is only one's own mind, which can begin to play tricks. Was that a dream or did it really happen? One begins to question everything. Did I make the right decision, was my sacrifice worth it? In solitary, there is no distraction from these haunting questions." Nelson Mandela

Here is the ska band The Specials - known as Special AKA. In this British TV performance, Elvis Costello and Ranking Roger also perform from the band English Beat.

Here is another version of The Specials - AkA, Free Nelson Mandela.

Youssou N'Dour, the pride of Senegal, wrote this song, as part of his Nelson Mandela album.

Another version of Youssou N'Dour's song:


"In the name of the law, I found myself treated as a criminal...not because of what I had done, but because of what I stood for, because of my conscience." Nelson Mandela

Hugh Masekela performed Mandela many times.


and a video:


Simple Minds played at Mandela's 70th Birthday Celebration at Wembley Stadium.

"Strong convictions are the secret of surviving deprivation; your spirit can be full even when your stomach is empty." Nelson Mandela

Johnny Clegg performs asimbonanga, and he was joined by Mandela in a wonderfully moving moment.

Frankie Beverly sings Mandela.

"Perhaps I was blinded to certain things because of the pain I felt for not being able to fulfil my role as husband to my wife and father to my children." Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday concert celebration from Hyde Park in London.



Sipho Hotstix Mabuse was commissioned by the African National Congress to write "Nelson Mandela" in 1994:

Here is Ugandan singer Hanson Baliluno.


Nomfusi, from The Rainbow Nation (South Africa), dedicates this song to Nelson Mandela. Performed by Nomfusi & The Lucky Charms. She is right now starring in "Long Walk to Freedom," as Miriam Makeba.

Here is a song by Vusi Mahlasela, from South Africa.


Simple Minds at Mandala Day

Free Nelson Mandela performed by The Specials

Eddy Grant and Kurt Darien perform Gimme Hope Joanna,

Role of Music as shown by the 90th birthday celebration

The next article discusses the role music played, both in South Africa and the rest of the world, for Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday:


Labi Siffre performs Something Inside So Strong.

Eartha Kitt, in French.

The song "Ordinary Love":


Little Steven performs Sun City.

Stevie Wonder performs It's wrong (Apartheid)

The End is Near performed by The Malopoets

Sonny Okosun with Fire in Soweto

Number 46664, Bono, Joe Strummer and Dave Stewart

"Artists reach areas far beyond the reach of politicians. Art, especially entertainment and music, is understood by everybody, and it lifts the spirits and the morale of those who hear it." Nelson Mandela

Another commentary on the role of music in Mandela's life. Apparently Ladysmith Black Mambazo was his favorite band, but he enjoyed many kinds of music. The film "Music for Mandela" ought to be shown in cinemas throughout Kansas. Has it been shown at Liberty Hall?


and here is the website for the film, 'Music for Mandela":


Music from Ladysmith Black Mambazo (there are many more songs on the web).

Below is another fascinating article on Nelson Mandela, and his heritage in music.


Mandela''s release from prison speech


His Journey Continues Within All of Us

The Father of our nation, Nelson Mandela, has finished his journey," Ladysmith Black Mambazo said in a statement. "And although he has physically left us now, his journey continues within us all."


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