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Santa's coming!


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pin2album image by Lawrence Morgan

Santa's on his way

Click on the following application for Santa's way across the world!


Santa is also coming via satellite.


A little background on Santa's journey, and some of the places he will visit.


Silent night, one of the world's most favorite Christmas carols.

I have heard silent night since I was extremely young, but I never knew until now the story behind it.


And don't forget the Nutcracker

In American music for the holidays, the Nutcracker plays a very special role. Here is a Russian version, featuring Valery Gergiev, conductor, and the Marlinsky Theatre Orchestra:


A quite incredible piano version, played by Alexei Volodin at the Mariinsky Concert Hall. To my mind, this is wonderful music for the piano.


"The Messiah" is also a longtime Christmas favorite


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