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Nelson Mandela - a Poet's Tribute - Bayo Omolola


image Nelson Mandela online

image Nelson Mandela online by Lawrence Morgan

As Nelson Mandela Marches On

By Bayo Omolola Email: sanwoldade@yahoo.com

The humming of mosquito,

Disturbs never

The wall;

Never cracks

It is iron-made rack.

The wind that blew

And threw

The lees through

The Sieve

Never would it break a concrete wall well-fortified.

Nelson -

Man Mandela

Like an iron,

Strong unbendable,

Too tough for racists

But subtle his the language of humanity pervaded the ground

And the drum of freedom

Jumped and echoed for all dignity

And in a nation of all sanity.

Down at the radiant feet of Africa,

Rose no nonsense but cordial man that offered care.

The iron resisted the uncaring benders.

The lion resisted color-based sadists

Even in the cage,

Where he lived with the rage

Against injustice.

The lions roared,

And the world knew.

Deep in thoughts and in deeds,

Strong in will

And in actions.

One man, too many for the perpetrators of racial segregation,

Unique in his actions at his tender age;

Unique in reactions at his point of exit.

Dead but alive.

He that resisted oppressions

And suppressed domination.

Unique Leader with words

And decent actions.

Considerate political path-maker

And office holder

That never hid public folder.


Never was he like others who cherished house rent

And conversion to personal use government property.

Boxer that boxed two enemies and won:

It's Nelson Mandela that fought racism and won.

He that fought death for long and won.

One man,

Too powerful for his enemies.

Friends of the world today

And tomorrow.

The man that never dies,

In transit you're:

That man will never die,

You're, Nelson Mandela:

Adieu, Madiba, as you take a giant's leap!

Adieu, Madiba, as you smile

And wave around the world!

Adieu, Madiba,

As you take new form with the same strong spirit

That radiates reconciliation



And happiness for all!


The strong, universal man from the beautiful feet of Africa!

The smiling father of Africa

And friend of truth!

The most accomplished politician of the new millennium.


Copyright 2013: Bayo Omolola, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

I am pleased to announce that this poem was just published in The Herald, in South Africa.


Except for some newspapers which may have published Maya Angelou's poem, I suspect that this paper and The Herald in South Africa are the only papers which have published poetry in celebration of Mandela's long life.

Thanks for this wonderful contribution, Bayo!

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ezakwantu images by Lawrence Morgan


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