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Kansas is subject of New York Times article today


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route 50 image by Lawrence Morgan

Kansas in today's New York Times

There is an article about Kansas in today's New York Times. I have posted it below because many people don't have subscriptions to the Times.


Unfortunately, the author of the Times article didn't visit Lawrence, but I put in a word for Lawrence and the Journal-World (even though I deeply regret that citizenship journalism is becoming a lost art at the Journal World, because it is no longer on the front page and there is no referral to user blogs in other parts of the paper). I did not include that in my comment in the New York Times, but I am including it here, because it is a great concern of mine.

There are a number of things about the Journal World's web site which need to be changed and improved, and I will take those up, from my point of view, later this year.

I, too, have appreciated the expansive skies (I grew up in Hutchinson) and I had an excellent education both in Hutchinson and Lawrence (KU).

There is much that I like about every part of Kansas (except that we need more parks and trails). And there are things that I dislike about Kansas, too.

Please don't hesitate to share your experiences below.

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Kansastravel image by Lawrence Morgan


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