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Double rainbow last night in San Francisco


Double Rainbow Giant's Game

Double Rainbow Giant's Game by Lawrence Morgan

Double rainbow - a rare sight in San Francisco

Last night, I was out walking in San Francisco when a double rainbow slowly appeared above me. I think I've seen only one double rainbow before in my life - which was when I was in grade school in Hutchinson, Kansas.

I stopped in the nearby neighborhood store to tell Ihab and Adam about the double rainbow outside. But then I realized that I didn't have my cell phone with me. People were just standing everywhere and looking upwards. The double rainbow was "there" for about thirty minutes. It was truly amazing. I - and most other people - couldn't stop looking at it.

Here it is, with cell phone pictures from The Chronicle:


The Giants were playing at the time at AT&T park. Take a look at the Giants game with the double rainbow overhead.

What double rainbows have you seen in your lifetime?

When did you see one? Do you have any pictures to post?

Am I the only one who has seen so few of them?

Photograph on Flicker of Double Rainbow September 5 2012

Photograph on Flicker of Double Rainbow September 5 2012 by Lawrence Morgan

The following photograph, which is also of the double rainbow, is from the Bernalwood Neighbors-Reporters. Take a look at this site - it shows what can be done when neighbors work together from an entire section of town. I will be doing a blog soon which looks at neighborhood sites throughout the United States, and certainly from Lawrence and all of Kansas. Note the great sense of humor! The site is:


And the photograph from Bernalwood Neighbors:

Photograph by Bernalwood Neighbors - Reporters

Photograph by Bernalwood Neighbors - Reporters by Lawrence Morgan


jhawkinsf 5 years, 9 months ago

I've seen a couple down Pacifica way, looking back towards Skyline. Your picture is spectacular, nicer than any I can remember.

Claire Williams 5 years, 9 months ago

No, it is not ironic.

A rainbow over a city known for it's proud LGBT population is not irony. That is a coincidence.

Irony is when there is an incongruous or unexpected statement or result. A correct example of irony would be a poster reading "Post no bills" pasted to a wall.

Beautiful pictures, nonetheless!

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