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Look at Google's puzzles - then, there is a picture to identify of a town in Kansas, and a second picture of another town in a different part of the world

I'm playing a bit with Dave Klement's blog, In Simple Words - and by the way, I really like what he is doing - but today Google came out with the third part of a series, which is very much like his local pictures.

Take a look and see if you can identify ANY of the following pictures from around the world (taken via Google Earth). I could only identify three:

The first puzzle:


The second puzzle:


And, now, the third puzzle:


I didn't do very well with the three series above. So I thought I'd try a well-known town in Kansas.

This town has TWO colleges, and its newspaper has an excellent blog for writers (and it's not, in this case, Lawrence).

Now here is another picture, this time from another part of the world

This town has five newspapers, all of them online, and some very good writing. Can you guess where it is?

I haven't mastered Google maps yet insofar as putting a google map for the above pictures on the site. Google maps are available for most of Africa, and you can see the arch from above, as are Google maps for Kansas.

First player to win doesn't get any prizes - but I've always thought I would like to know the geography of the world. With Google's current maps, we're almost there.

In case you can't identify the second photograph, it's in a capital city in West Africa.


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