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Bay to Breakers run takes place today


The Bay to Breakers

This amazing race has been going since 1912. It is 7.46 miles long, going from the bay to the ocean. In recent years, it has gathered much attention because of the highly unusual costumes which are worn--including some naked runners who even have their own Bay to Breakers website.

To get through San Francisco today, there are only three possibilities. It is almost impossible to do. There are thousands of people lining the streets. I will be there.

Here is the update from today's run with lots of photographs:


And here are some of the Chronicle's best photographs from previous years:


View pictures from last year's race:


...and the Lucas toilet

In many ways, it reminds me of the wonderful story of the Lucas, Kansas toilet posted on yesterday's Lawrence Journal-World web page.

The Bay to Breakers and the Lucas toilet are both open minded, free spirited types of things - they are a true art form. I hope Lucas, Kansas has lots of visitors!

Sammy Kitwara, from Kenya (34.40.5), won the race, along with Ethiopian Mamitu Daska (39:02.04)


jhawkinsf 6 years, 1 month ago

San Francisco has many unique activities. The Folsom Street Fair, a celebration of all thing leather, is one of them. A very, very adult themed fair, most know what to expect and are cautioned to choose wisely. As an adult, I always chose not to attend and as a parent, I knew to keep my child away.
The Bay to Breakers race though was one of those festivals that was seized by a group of narcissistic people intent upon imposing their values on everyone else. What was once a family affair, has devolved into drunken parties and naked men, not running, but posing, prancing. One more thing for parents to avoid. One more reason San Francisco has the smallest child population of any large American city. If the exodus was of blacks, Latinos, women, Asians, we'd all wonder in dismay. But it's only children, so they get drunk and run/walk/prance naked.

Lawrence Morgan 6 years, 1 month ago

I respect your point of view, but my point of view is very different. Every city has its problems. You can take your family to any city in the world; all will have problems. On the other hand, thousands upon thousands of people visit San Francisco every year, and most people really like it.

In today's Chronicle, there were 101 things to do for families and children in San Francisco. This city has completely rebuilt all its libraries, unlike most other cities. It is also rebuilding all its parks. For the size of the city, it has a tremendous amount of open space. It has the ocean, and many, many fantastic things about it. People love to come here.

I don't know what you are building up to, but it is not the San Francisco I know and love, nor the San Francisco that thousands of people care about.

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