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Sky jumpers leap from blimp and, wearing Google glasses, transmit live as they fall to Convention Center roof in San Francisco


Business Insider picture

Business Insider picture by Lawrence Morgan

Google's glasses transmit real-time coverage as jumpers wearing glasses land on convention center roof

I will have much to say about Google's glasses in the future. But right now, there is a video (below) that I want other people to see and react to.

This is a video taken yesterday (June 28, 2012 from the Google tech conference here in San Francisco. Four jumpers leaped from a blimp wearing google glasses, and made their way down through the skies to the roof of the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. They then used bicycles to go across the roof, went down the outside of the building to the third floor, and finally made their way inside, up to the stage.

Google glasses

Google glasses by Lawrence Morgan

The google glasses which they wore transmitted the entire event live as they were carrying it out.

It was an incredible event, really the first of its kind. You have to see it for yourself. Click on the link below:


The week before, Google made a preparatory video to see if things would go properly (although no one knew for sure, until the event actually took place Thursday):


The google glasses, which transmit audio and video information real-time while the jump takes place, may or may not play an important role in our future. I will write more about that later.

Meanwhile, enjoy this incredible event!

The Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco

The Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco by Lawrence Morgan


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