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The Queen's 60th Jubilee


The 60th Jubilee Concert - Around the World

Whether or not you are a fan of the royalty of Great Britain, this is a special weekend for both British and non-British fans from around the world. There is much to experience every day.

From street parties to horse racing (the English really love horse racing), today's Derby was the big event:


Here are pictures from Saturday, June 2, 2012, Day 1:


Two years of preparations took place for this year's Jubilee:


If you have or haven't been to London, this is a great chance just to enjoy the scenery. It is also an incredibly great pageant, which only the British can put on.

The music for the pageant has been put together by ten composers, all inspired by Handel's Water Music. By the way, according to the BBC, Tutankhamen's trumpet (from the time of the ancient Egyptians) is the oldest royal instrument.


And here is a history of royal pageantry in London.


Some of the following footage is shown for the first time:


And here is the changing face of the Queen over the years:


I am very impressed that Lawrence has joined the 60th Jubilee with its own set of events. No matter what it is that you like that is British, whether it is the wonderful TV comedies (Faulty Towers, Dad's Army), the cars (there will be a display in Lawrence), Shakespeare, or the trails for hiking throughout Great Britain, this is your weekend.

Please share your pictures of Lawrence during today's festival, and also your thoughts and pictures if you have made trips to Great Britain, things that you are currently studying about Britain, or if you are British--let us know what you like best about your country.

I must admit that I like many things about Great Britain very much, especially the people.

For students and people who do not know the national anthem of Great Britain, please see the following:

This would be a great project for students to write about over the summer - some aspect of British history.

I will be updating this blog throughout the next four days of the Jubilee.

I would also like to hear from students and residents of other countries, as well. As time permits, in the future I will also do a blog on other cultures and countries.

Please write in your comments, pictures and good experiences.


Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

I think this is marvelous. Of course I, and the whole family, watch the Brit shows. We also shop at Brits downtown which has the best chocolate ever. I made friends with an English woman who had recently moved here. This was some years ago. She called the house and my young daughter answered, she was ecstatic, "there is a real, live Englishwoman on OUR phone," she all but screamed. For a while she was very impressed with me that I actually knew such a person. When the woman came to visit my daughter would simply look at her in awe. One more tidbit, on the bus I was talking to a woman from Birmingham, England and I asked her what she was doing in Lawrence, like it's any of my business, right?, shopping she replied and then laughed. Bit far for a sale, but... And, let us never forget Rumpole or Dr. Who. http://www.ovguide.com/tv/rumpole_of_the_bailey.htm

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