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Bayo Omolola: A Poem for President Atta Mills of Ghana


Ghanian Television photograph

Ghanian Television photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Remembering President Atta Mills

Today I am sharing a poem by Bayo Omolola on remembering the great President Atta Mills of Ghana.

Cock Crows in Ghana - a poem honoring late President Atta Mills

By Bayo Omolola

On his way,

On a political tray,

Death he met,

And he bowed to nature.

In the hands of death he melt

Like every mortal being

Of the past.

Never expected to go so soon;

To live forever every one wants the moon,

But down the ground the sound of his movement-

The zoom.



It's eraser

That marches life to its terminal

That wrecks its havoc!


The power

Withered the blossom flower

Of our time.

Shut the mouth

That talked in Accra

And vibrated all over the land of Nkrumah and beyond.

Gone, the moon to its secret palace,

Where no one goes and returns.

Gone President Atta Mills

Who milled Ghana with his touches of modern politics.

Gone the President with his touches on Black Stars.

Adieu, President Atta Mills.

May you meet President Nkrumah and others

That passed away before you!


Copyright 2012: Bayo Omolola, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

All copyright requests should be sent to sanwolade@yahoo.com.

Note: Bayo Omolola is a communication and language consultant/instructor.

Thank you, Bayo Omolola, for sharing this poem in honor of a great president.


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