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Happy Birthday, Nelson Mandela! - Updated July 19, 2012


Peter Morey AP Photograph

Peter Morey AP Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Today is Nelson Mandela's Birthday (July 18, 2012)

South Africans offer work on Mandela's Birthday for a good public cause

USA Today Photograph

USA Today Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

Volunteers bring new shoes to schoolchildren in Soweto.

USA Photograph

USA Photograph by Lawrence Morgan

A fence is newly painted by volunteers at Batsogile Primary School in Soweto.

Mandela Day asks that volunteers give their time to good causes for 67 minutes - which are the amount of time for each year of Nelson Mandel's life in politics.

A poster for the event

Poster for Nelson Mandela Day in Africa

Poster for Nelson Mandela Day in Africa by Lawrence Morgan

Stories from the world press

Click on the following, with story and pictures:

Very few people have accomplished what Nelson Mandela has accomplished, although there is a long way to go.

Here are some other articles in the world press today about Mandela's achievements:

A video of a few of the day's events

Here are some blogs from the South African press

Background on Mandela's life

Here is some background on Mandela's life:

As a revolutionary:

As a prisoner:

As a husband:

Interviews with colleagues:

Here are greetings from South Korea


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