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Yahoo says 450,000 accounts have been hacked - and today, 1,000,000 accounts from Android and 400,00 accounts from Nvidia have been hacked - updated July 17


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Yahoo says that 450,000 or more Yahoo and other email sites were compromised

Sunday evening I put up a blog on a major breach of accounts and passwords with Yahoo.

Click on the following:




As well as the following:


Be sure to read the comments on the last article.

Today, July 17th, the BBC has a further important article:


In addition, ithe BBC revealed today (July 17) that one million user IDs had been stolen from the Android forum, and graphics hardware maker Nvidia said 400,000 passwords had been stolen from its forums.

It is my feeling that, if more hackings occur in the future, people will be much less willing to buy things via the internet than now. What seems to be happening is that once a major security breach is repaired (and that information is let out onto the internet), another security breach takes place. People are not going to stand for this, especially as bank cards and social security numbers are stolen and placed on line.

In many ways, we are behind many of these hackings. The following article makes it very clear, from the New York Times:


But the good thing is, if there is a good thing at all, that more people will eventually buy their goods locally - and that's especially welcome because many of the large Internet companies pay no tax in many states. We have to have that tax to pay for the local things we need - teachers, firefighters, all the many things that make a community what it is, prepare young people well for adulthood, and allow people to be safely in their homes and neighborhoods.

I use the Internet a lot - but the internet is a two-edged sword, and I will talk about that further at a later date.

Right now, check your passwords and change them!


nochoice 5 years, 11 months ago

I wish I could find all the goods I need locally. Perhaps it's the demand for a product or lack thereof where I live, in a suburb of the Phoenix (Ariz.) metro area, and/or the goods businesses within a 25 mile radius of my home supply, but after I've spent a few weeks going to 15 different stores for a single product, I eventually become so frustrated that I give up and go online.

It appears to me that many businesses simply don't want customers' money. I spent well over a year looking for a specific product for which I would pay thousands of dollars if I had been able to find it, but the sales associates at the various businesses I visited didn't want to bother to help me. At more than one location of the same company, I pointed out that what I was seeking was almost exact to an item they had in the showroom. But the sales person referred me elsewhere, writing the information on the back of a business card.

That information was obviously outdated, as the business was closed. In the last few years here, for whatever reason, no company seems to want to take even a few seconds to earn a few thousand dollars. I realize that few employees today feel loyalty to their employers, which is understandable given the fact that most businesses see their employees as objects to be toyed with rather than human beings. But to see that no one seems to take pride in their work anymore saddens me.

Something is clearly wrong with this country when no one in customer service is willing to lift a pen to note a potential customer's name and phone number. More and more, I understand why jobs are outsourced.

Lawrence Morgan 5 years, 11 months ago

Nochoice - that is very well put. I have often experienced that. I ask for something, the sales person says "No, we don't have it right now" and that is it. There is no effort to help find or order the product.

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