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Photograph by Drew Smith and friends

Photograph by Drew Smith and friends by Lawrence Morgan

This is amazing

and indeed it should be. A month or two ago I did a blog about a girl in Scotland who photographed and commented on the food in her school. Before she knew it, other young people were coming in with food from their schools from around the world.

Today, I am very excited about Drew Smith's music and blog. You may have missed it:



How many other young people are doing these same kinds of wondeful things?

This could include arts, science, health, music, all kinds of things.

A group of young people should put together these blogs from around the world. This is a tremendous development!

And Drew Smith, thanks so much for Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra.

For so many young people today, they don't have the chance, with studying for exams and very limited ideas as to what school shoud do, to do the things that they really care about. That has to change.

And I can't wait for your show to appear at The Jackpot!


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