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These are pictures for a lifetime


Watch pictures of a friend of yours, yourself, seasons, or just a few moments in time

How many times have you looked at a tree or flower, every season? This used to occur with me when my grandmother was alive in Ottawa. She had these beautiful roses, I don't remember which kind. But I used to enjoy them very much every year in the spring. I would leave KU for the weekend and come to my grandmother's place. It was a wonderful experience for me.

Personally, I always wanted to take pictures of trees, in spring, over a period of time. But somehow I never got around to taking the same tree at the same time, year after year.

Then I discovered this posting, first put up April 18 of this year: The father, Frans Hofmeester, photographed his chlld every year and then made it into a short, fascinating video.


Thomas Robinson

A little later, I was struck by the experience of seeing Mike Yoder's recent pictures of Thomas Robinson. These, too, were taken one after the other in 24 seconds time, but they showed the tremendous loss he felt at losing the final game. You would have a hard time doing that with one picture.

I will not forget these pictures.

Have you taken still pictures over the years of trees, land, people? Kansas is a wonderful landscape for photographs.

A friend of mine in Lawrence has taken pictures of - I think it was a sunflower - put together as a video. Perhaps he will be able to find this and put it up here.

I would be interested in seeing any examples that you might have. Pictures of Kansas... your family... flowers that you have always been interested in...

Or perhaps you will have new ideas - one person on a float going all the way down Massachussetts Street..., a horse in a pasture... a flower opening...


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