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Right Wing Ripoff – Health Insurance Across State Lines

One of the tenants of the Republican “Pledge to America” is to repeal the healthcare bill that was just passed and allow for the purchase of insurance across state lines.

This is just dumb, and if implemented will ensure that the you, the consumer, gets ripped off.

If you want to see how this would turn out for America, look no further than the credit card in your wallet. Odds are that if you have a credit card, regardless of which bank is on the label, the company is located in South Dakota. Why South Dakota? Isn’t that the home of wheat fields, biker rallies and Mount Rushmore? Not really an international financial center. Why on earth would your credit card company be located there?

The credit card companies are located there because South Dakota has the weakest consumer protection laws in the country. Credit card company’s in South Dakota are allowed to do all of the nasty little tricks they have dreamed up to cheat their customers. Send bills within days of being due, charge usurious interest, jack your interest rate up at any time, etc.

If the Republican agenda is implemented, the exact same thing will happen with health insurance. State legislatures across the nation will race to provide the most accommodating legal framework for insurance regulation. Retroactive cancelation? Sure. Discrimination against pre-existing conditions? Sounds good! Discrimination against women? Jack up those rates boys!

Pretty soon all of the insurance companies in the country will be located in one place and everyone, (everyone but congress, who will be sure to keep their sweet government paid insurance) will be worse off. Everyone except fat cat insurance CEOs who will gladly cash your premium checks while denying your claims.