Republicans Fail

Joshua Montgomery

Lindsey Graham (R) famously said that the number one item on the Republican agenda was to make Mr. Obama a one-term president. Though I am sure there will be a lot of hand clenching and tooth gnashing over consequences of Mr. Romney's loss to President Obama, the one thing that ...

Insider Trading

Joshua Montgomery

On Thursday the talking heads made up a lot of reasons why the DOW and S&P 500 were down 5%. The biggest loss since 2008, they said. Then they made up a bunch of reasons "why". Was it stagnant growth numbers? Bad retail sales numbers? Maybe sun spots? Then yesterday, ...

Heroes of the Planning Department

Joshua Montgomery

If you have ever tried to build a new structure in Lawrence, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that working the planning department can be challenging. From arcane language to seemingly ridiculous requirements, the process is both frustrating and time consuming. I can only imagine how frustrating it ...

How to beat the terrorists? Revamp the TSA.

Joshua Montgomery

I don’t usually side with the right on most issues. I think that the growing wealth gap is poisonous to our democracy, I believe that fossil fuels should be heavily taxed and the resulting resources dedicated to alternative energy (including nuclear) and I believe that we should bend over backwards ...

Job Posting - State School Seeking New Athletic Director

Joshua Montgomery

The University of Kansas a Division 1++ NCAA university is seeking an older, over privileged businessman to lead its not-for-profit+++ athletic department to victory. Successful candidates will have the following skills and qualifications. **Financial Management:** Candidates should be able to increase the organization’s debt by millions of dollars without creating ...

Betrayed Again by the Right

Joshua Montgomery

During the first few months after 9-11, our nation had a choice. We could treat the terrorists behind the attack as criminals, capture them, put them on trial and execute the guilty, or we could engage in an ideological war between freedom in the west and religious oppression in the ...

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