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Network Fairy Tales - a review


Unless their call letters are CBS, networks seem to be having a harder and harder time producing hit television shows. As the networks continue to decide just how many singing shows and dancing programs audiences will watch, they also have to try to develop scripted programs people will actually care ...

Free Agency and Small Markets


I haven’t posted many articles lately as I have been kicking around a few topics in my head. One that keeps popping up is my frustration at the state of affairs in Major League Baseball. As the powers that be try to hammer out a new labor agreement and as ...

J. Edgar - a review


How the movie going public will take to a historical period piece is always iffy at best. For people like me with a great historical interest, the decision to go see these movies is an easy one – I’m always excited. For the normal movie lover, I imagine it is ...

Big XII Basketball Preview


I have had a heck of a time writing this particular posting. When I first started thinking about it, I didn’t think it would be this hard. As I did more research and gathered more information, it became clear to me that there isn’t a tremendous difference in talent from ...

In Time


Anyone who reads my stuff on a regular basis knows I worry about Hollywood’s lack of originality over the past few years. I actually think movie makers have shown some flicker of life lately. There have been a number of interesting films released over the past few months that, while ...

Can KU Win Its 8th Straight Title


To be honest, I don’t know how to answer this question. My first instinct is to say it will not be possible for KU to win another Big XII championship this season. There is one thing I have learned though. Never count Coach Bill Self out. It certainly will be ...

A Look at New Network Dramas


The networks continue to struggle to adjust to modern audiences’ viewing habits and seem panicky and bewildered by sagging rating for their dramas. I would suggest to them that they calm down and let some of these programs find their audiences. There are some new dramas worth watching. PRIME SUSPECT ...

The NCAA and Ineligible Student Athletes


I wish I understood more. I wish I understood the process more thoroughly. I wish I had more details because right now I am just a tad bit angry and frustrated. I wish I could understand just how the NCAA Clearinghouse works. But I don’t. I do know that all ...

Real Steel


For a sport that has become as toxic and tainted as a landfill, the sport of boxing spawns some of the best sports flicks. Rocky, The Champ, Raging Bull, Ali, Cinderella Man, and The Fighter are just a few rousing pugilistic films that are worth a viewer’s time. A futuristic ...



I think Alfred Hitchcock would be bitterly disappointed. In this age of high tech action flicks and run-of-the-mill romantic comedies, this era of stylized super heroes and flashy CGI, Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to make a good suspense thriller. Luckily, George Clooney is single handily trying to bring ...

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