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Thank You Baseball


Thank you Baseball

Now that the World Series is over, I sit and reflect back on all seven games, a strong sense of gratitude comes over me.
I felt like a kid again, excited to watch every at bat, every play, listening to every comment from Buck & McCarver with intense interest. This series transported me back to a time when America was the way I remember it. Back to a time when Baseball was considered America's National pastime.

Can you remember that?

This World Series was a welcome break from the America we live in today with a political system that is so dysfunctional it is unbelievable. Literally! Where city commissioners are voting on trans gender discrimination laws instead of making the tough decisions that will benefit and strengthen their city’s economy. Little boys are wanting to join the Girl Scouts of America, and their parents are letting them! Where our kids would rather play a video game than have a catch with their dad, and where a dad may be too occupied to play a catch with their kids—where we are afraid to offend so we do not pray in public, or say the Pledge of Allegiance--where our schools do not fail kids anymore for not passing a grade or give F's on a test for fear of inflicting trauma on the child’s self esteem-—where we look towards the government the same way a calf looks for milk from its mother’s tit— our youth has developed a huge sense of entitlement never learning that one should earn what they want not just ask for it--where we arrest our Border Agents instead of the illegals crossing over carrying drugs and guns—where we bail out banks and large corporations that mismanaged their business and we handcuff the entrepreneur with taxes and regulations, stifling growth . . . And Sundays are known for football not worship.

So thank you baseball, it was a welcome break. Personally I like the America I grew up in, and I feel sorry for my two children that they will never know how great we once were!

or will they?


Jana Rea 6 years, 5 months ago

"Or will they", indeed. Good question! I agree that things feel upside down and inside out and as I have been learning this has been the strategic intention of some while others of us have not been vigilant. The America that you knew still has roots. But we need a serious pruning. I think that starts on our knees with personal accountability. We find our way from there a day at a time. Thankfully some of those days are delightful reprieves with echos of what is right and good and beautiful, excellent, just and praiseworthy. . . on this gorgeous autumn day, I agree a 7 game World Series was among them.

pure_republication 6 years, 5 months ago

I can remember those days! I hope your children can learn it! Good blog!

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