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The Latest in the Syrian Conflict

The latest in the Syrian conflict has been reported in the Israeli press. It has been modified slightly since I first posted it. This is an excerpt:

"The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is concerned about a number of types of potential attacks, including a cross-border infiltration into an Israeli community on the Golan, the abduction of a soldier or civilian, or rocket fire into Israel from Syria.

While there has been an increase in the presence of global jihad operatives in Syria, the IDF believes they are focused on toppling Bashar Assad’s regime, but that once that happens, they will shift their focus to attacking Israel, as their comrades in the Sinai Peninsula have been doing.

The army is also preparing for the possibility that large numbers of Syrians will rush the border to try to flee the regime’s bloody crackdown.

The IDF has prepared a number of areas along the border where it plans to contain the civilians in such a case, and protect them from Syrian military forces if needed. The government would decide whether to allow the refuge-seekers into Israel."

That is the end of the article. I wonder how many Israelis, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and agnostics would be welcome in Syria if there was turmoil in Israel?


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