Is what is good for the goose good for the gander?'

Muslim Arab Mother Whose Son Serves in the IDF Speaks

Ron Holzwarth

Not the Typical IDF Soldier’s Mom: Muslim Arab Mother Whose Son Serves in the IDF Speaks By Anav Silverman Anet Haskia is not the typical mom of a soldier serving in the Israel Defense Forces. A Muslim Arab, who grew up in a mixed Arab-Jewish city in the north, Haskia ...

Palestinians Seeking Israeli Citizenship

Ron Holzwarth

It's a common misconception that Palestinians are suffering terribly under Israeli rule. But the facts on the ground suggest otherwise. Clipped from: Palestinians Seeking Israeli Citizenship Sunday, October 28, 2012 By Khaled Abu Toameh There is no denying that by applying for Israeli citizenship, in defiance of PLO and ...

The Latest in the Syrian Conflict

Ron Holzwarth

The latest in the Syrian conflict has been reported in the Israeli press. It has been modified slightly since I first posted it. This is an excerpt: "The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is concerned about a number of types of potential attacks, including a cross-border infiltration into an Israeli community ...

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