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An endless cycle of "depression"


It makes me incredibly sad when I read and see the news these days, I'm sure you can relate. I can't even begin to see a beginning to an end of our struggles...is it too late for us? We cant come to an agreement on healthcare, finances, etc etc because everyone is so opinionated and sensitive about it. I'm shocked out how mean you people are sometimes to other people who don't have your same views. 95% of all the comments I read are those who really think THEY know all the answers...they know how to fix things, and any other idea is just ludicrous. We can't come to a reasonable decision because the few extremists on both sides of the issue are so great at getting people to "follow them." Most people don't know what is best for a country...and naive if they think they do. The followers, those who just want to fit in somewhere and feel like they know what is going on, empower the leaders, who think they same thing but just know to sell themselves. Whether or not they actually aren't sold out by lobbyists and those with great deals of money is irrelevant (however it sounds like most of them are anymore)...if they can change the minds of the ignorant masses, they are CORRECT, no matter what. Then the ignorant masses start talking to the ignorant masses on the other side, and it just snowballs until all we have left is the name calling and ad hom. Both sides can make excellent speeches...speeches that, if I were completely close minded, I'd probably be willing to believe. However, I know now that nothing comes without a motive. When I think I've found a piece of journalism without a backer, I even second guess myself because I don't want to be reeled in to something that isn't the complete truth.

I suppose I could just quit reading the news, but what good would that do me? I can't see an end to this problem because no one can agree. Do politicians and citizens alike have the best interests of the country at heart, or are we all just doomed to be greedy a**holes? I should make my own decisions, and I do, but I also don't pretend like I know everything there is to know. I

I want to know what the TRUE "bipartisan" or moderate way is. I want to give my opinions without someone jumping on my back because I'm not their follower. I want to feel happy with a decision the people that "represent" me make since I don't have the immediate power, even if that means pulling the decision from all directions and using ideas I might not personally agree with 100%. I want to believe like this country is going to be great again (if it ever was?) and rise above the personal greed, scewed values, and disgusting, embarrassing habits. I want to do this without being labeled as a hippie or outlaw, if possible.

Maybe I want too much.


Leslie Swearingen 7 years, 9 months ago

You wrote a very good blog and one that is very timely. A lot of people are struggling with this very question. I am very curious as to what responses you are going to get and if there are going to be civil, respectful comments.

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