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Hi, I'm the Kaw Valley Kid. Nick.Some of my Family history in this area dates back to before Kansas was a state.In this Blog,I hope to explore sustainable living,and the conflicts between living in the consumer world,and the real world.As prices for food and fuel rise, many of you may be thinking of changes you want to make in your lives.I made many of these changes months ago.Change is not usually easy,but often has great benefits!For instance, I traded my 88 mile commute for a half block walk to work.I have shed about 30 pounds,and saved a lot on fuel purchases.There are many changes I have yet to make,I need to curb my internet addiction,and begin gardening.I need to prepare meals rather than eat out.Many things.I hope to make my home more eco-friendly as well.I know we have some resources for that here in Lawrence,I encourage you all to leave comments on what you do,and what I can do,to make a smaller footprint on the Earth. Happy Memorial Day!


Alison Carter 9 years, 9 months ago

I'll be reading your blog and borrowing any tips you may receive...or share. Let's make sure our footprints still include some fun in moderation....eating out, taking field trips, leaving the lights on during gloomy days.

Nick Yoho 9 years, 3 months ago

thanks for your encouragement! Wow how time flies! Working at the Merc left me little time to write.I was usually exhausted by the time I left each day.I was one of your friendly produce persons.I recently left there.Too many chiefs and not enough Indians as they say... I feel newly refreshed and will tell you all about what has changed in my life!

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