In the Valley

Well, That was a long cold winter!

Nick Yoho

So now it is spring here in Lawrence! And not a moment to soon. I'm sure I'm not the only one ready to shake off the cabin fever. It's been nice to have a few days off, and hang out downtown a bit. Went to the porch(Freestate Brewery) for a ...

making compromises for mental health

Nick Yoho evening in late September of '07, while working in Bartle Hall in Kansas City, I snapped.I had had enough.As I watched a coworker walk out the door for the night to take his girlfriend to a hair appointment,I thought, I need to go too. My ten year old daughter ...


Nick Yoho

Hi, I'm the Kaw Valley Kid. Nick.Some of my Family history in this area dates back to before Kansas was a state.In this Blog,I hope to explore sustainable living,and the conflicts between living in the consumer world,and the real world.As prices for food and fuel rise, many of you may ...

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