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Things That Aren’t Downtown

I'm spending a day downtown, mostly in the library, while my car is in the shop.

This has, not surprisingly, given me a chance to consider how the character of downtown has changed.

While walking up to Milton's this morning for breakfast, I was reminded of a visit to the doctor when I was young. His office was over one of the shops on the east side of the 800 block of Mass, as near as I can recall (it was 50 years ago!).

Don't know of any businesses above any of these shops now, at least the kind without music to loud for my middle (ok, maybe late middle) age ears.

I don't see any grocery stores near downtown anymore. Nor drugstores.

Is there anything to do downtown during the day besides shop, eat, and get a haircut? Is there anything to life besides these three things?

In the evening there are the bars and Liberty Hall. It and Ernst and Son hardware are the only things I remember from the downtown of my youth. Did I miss anything?

BTW, I still have time to do an IPS post this week. It could happen!


Simplify (Wall Street?)

Don't know where that title came from, except maybe in a bolt of blinding inspiration???

I don't have any resolutions this year, but I've been conscious of reducing the stress and hassles in my life these last few years. So when I saw this article on CNN, it caught my attention.

8 ways to simplify your life in 2012

Although this article is aimed specifically at women, I think the stresses of "modern" life hit everyone.

My big prediction, not necessarily for this year, is that computers and technology will actually be used to simplify and improve our lives. In my opinion, that isn't happening yet... (I've probably said it before and I'll say it again)

What things in your life cause the most turmoil, aggravation, and stress? Or what things do you want (or hope) to change?