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In Plain Sight 8/17/2011 (Solved)

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 8/7/2011 Next:IPS 8/24/2011 littleone identified the subject this week. See the answer at the bottom of this post A little late, but the middle of the week may be my new home. A little busy this week so won't regale you with my subtle, insightful humor as I ...

Cryptogram: Mark Twain

David Klamet

It sometimes seems that the recent examples of government ineptitude are unique to our generation. Our frustration with our government, though, is timeless. In particular, I'm thinking of this quote by Mark Twain BTW, the IPS post will be delayed a couple of days this week.

In Plain Sight 8/7/2011 (Solved)

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 7/31/2011 Next: IPS 8/17/2011 littleone identified the subject this week. See the end of the post for the complete picture and answer. Although it is becoming less frequent, once in while I find a subject that was unknown to me. It is the kind of subject that I ...

In Plain Sight 7/31/2011 (Solved)

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 7/24/2011 Next: IPS 8/7/2011 littleone was first to identify the subject this week. See the end of this post for the answer. Even though I made my way back to town for the subject this week, I suspect you'll have trouble identifying the location this week...but I've been ...

In Plain Sight 7/24/2011 (Identified)

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 7/14/2011 Next: IPS 7/31/2011 OK, when I'm wrong, I'm really wrong. jumpstart79 was the first, sr80 is technically the winner, but evidently I'm the only one who didn't know anything about this. See the end of the post for the subject/location This week's subject is not historically significant, ...

Thoughts on the end of the Space Shuttle era and "Hey Mom, it's Me!"

David Klamet

From September 1997 until September 1999 I worked for a company called UnitedSpaceAlliance at Kennedy Space Center in FL. My cubicle was in a building roughly midway between the launch pads and the landing strip. If you look back a few years in my posts, you'll see where I started ...

Photos and untold stories from Clinton Cemetery

David Klamet

I spent a few hot hours in the sun last Saturday at Clinton Cemetery. I first heard it mentioned in a book, Soil of our Souls, by Martha Parker and Betty Laird. The book was evidently self published between 1976 and 1980. It recounts tails of the communities near the ...

In Plain Sight 7/17/2011 (Revealed)

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 7/10/2011 Next: IPS 7/24/2011 The subject of this post is revealed at the end of the post. Other photos from this location will be in a later post. I know I said that I would, for the most part, limit my subjects to those in town. In the ...

In Plain Sight 7/10/2011 (Solved)

David Klamet

IPS 7/5/2011 Next: IPS 7/17/2011 Coach_Eric identified this week's subject.. See the end of this post for the answer and complete photo. Yet again I've found something that was unexpected. This week, it was something that wasn't there. The image(s) above is(are) of a part of a photo ...

In Plain Sight 7/5/2011 (Solved)

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 6/26/2011 Next: IPS 7/10/2011 RoeDapple, would have been correct if this post had been made a few years ago, but Multidisciplinary, technically, at least, completely and correctly identified the location this week. See the end of this post for the answer. I chose a subject in a well ...

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