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So Much to See #3

David Klamet

Previous: So Much to See #2 Next: So Much to See #4 Where is it? What is it?This is visible from one of the main streets of town (as defined by me).Each day or so I'll add a larger image or hint. Not on the west side of town.2. Slightly ...

The New Highway 59 is Coming to Town, or Maybe NOT?

David Klamet

A month or so ago, I happened to notice the highway construction for the new 59 highway the path for utility lines south of Lawrence. Recently, I drove around the area east of "old" 59 between N650 and N1100 Rd. Based on my travels, I did this ROUGH map of ...

The Power of One Word

David Klamet

One WordI don't know Kelly Tilghman except that she is a sports broadcaster and she is friends with Tiger Woods.During coverage last week, she inadvertently used the word "lynch" when jokingly suggesting that the only way other players could beat him was by removing him from the competition. It was ...

So Much to See #2

David Klamet

Previous: So Much to See #1 Next: So Much to See #3 The location of the picture posted in the previous installment was identified in the 5th comment. I was tempted to make this one impossibly hard, but I don't think I've done so.This time I won't give any hints ...

Add Him to the List

David Klamet

I've only gone to KU basketball games for the last few years. Hearing Hank's announcing at the games seemed so natural that I thought nothing of it. I assumed he'd been doing it for years.The first time I remember hearing Hank Booth as announcer was at the Jaycee's fireworks display, ...

Lawrence, The Way We Remember It

David Klamet

Here are the answers, based upon what I know and what was said in the comments, please let me know of any errors. 1. Where and what was Griff's? A burger place on 23rd, located approximately across from where Mongolian BBQ is now, It was in an unusual A-frame building ...

See the Space Station

David Klamet

It should appear as a fast moving bright star rising in the NW. It should climb to as high as 45 degrees above the horizon before setting in the east.There should be another opportunity just before 6PM on Saturday evening.Here is a NASA site where you can look to see ...

So Much to See

David Klamet

Next: So Much to See #2 I propose that if we took the time to look more closely at all the things around us each day, we would be the richer for it. So here is what I propose to do:I cropped a picture I took to show a small ...

Lawrence, The Way It Was

David Klamet

If you're a long time Lawrence resident, here's a little quiz to see what you remember about Lawrence the way it was... 1. Where and what was Griff's? 2. What major retail chain had a store where the Antique Mall is now located. (Hint, it has moved again since then). ...

The Old Windmill

David Klamet

A little over a hundred years ago, if you'd been driving...your horse and buggy...down 9th street out by Emery Rd, you might have seen something like this.I found two links with information about the windmill, both articles are from the Journal World:The picture was used in this article from earlier ...

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