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The 1% strikes again?

David Klamet

From the title for this post, you can see that I am obviously a staunch supporter of the OWS movement. Although I wish different people were doing the talking and I'm a little dismayed at what I think are some misdirected priorities, I'm thankful that a such a movement has ...

Cryptogram: Quote

David Klamet

I apologize for, yet again, disappearing for a period. How active I'll be here is hard to predict. Starting a new job on Monday. The quote in the cryptogram this week is, I believe, a subtle comment on current events.

The Best Of?? In Plain Sight

David Klamet

Well, this week it was either punt and post a link to a previous post, or post of nothing at all. Describing this as "The Best Of" may be a bit pretentious, but then, pretension is the new humility. (That makes at least as much sense as white is the ...

In Plain Sight 9/14/2011 (Solved)

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 9/7/2011 Next: IPS 5/13/2012 jehovah_bob evidently silenced everyone with his quick answer this week. See the end of the post Returning back to the normal formula for the post this week. If I think the subject is easy, it often turns out to be hard and vice versa. ...

In Plain Sight 9/7/2011

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 8/31/2011 Next: IPS 7/14/2011 Check hujiko's post for the correct answer. This week will be a little different and easy, short and sweet. Rather than not post at all, I'm posting a recent photo I took. Guess, or not as you chose, the photo doesn't do justice to ...

Mystery video. Can you tell what it is?

David Klamet

If you have "weird video" in the title, does that attract a lot of views? This is like the IPS posts I do, but a short video. You will not have seen this exact subject, but since I took it in my home, you might possibly see something similar in ...

Astronomy: Star Birth Videos

David Klamet

Over a period of more than 10 years, the HST (Hubble Space telescope) recorded images of young young stars and the changes in jets of gas. These videos are time lapse images taken yearly from 1994 to 2007 IMHO, pretty darn cool. - List item

Cryptogram: Winston Churchill

David Klamet

Another quote that might say volumes about our current leaders.

In Plain Sight 8/31/2011 (Solved)

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 8/24/2011 Next: IPS 9/7/2011 FanceeNancee identified the subject this week. See the bottom of this post for the answer and full photo. Is this the hardest first image I've ever done? I hope so... You might remember my writing how I would be focusing on subject outside town. ...

In Plain Sight 8/24/2011 (Solved)

David Klamet

Previous:IPS 8/17/2011 Next: IPS 8/31/2011 livinginlawrence identified the subject this week. See the bottom of this post for the answer. I took the photo this week on a cold day February. You might understand why it caught my eye. The image(s) above is(are) of a part of a photo ...

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