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Space Station and Shuttle Visible Tonight

David Klamet

The Space Station, with the Space Shuttle still be docked, will pass overhead this evening. Look to the northwest about 6:48 PM (the article says 6:28, but that is incorrect). Although it should be even brighter than usual, it will be visible for only 3-4 minutes as it passes over ...

Google Street View: Cool? Scary? Both?

David Klamet

Yesterday I noticed that Google Maps, a tool I use frequently, had a new button at the top of the map. The button "Street View" was something I'd heard about a few months ago.Clicking the button, I saw most of the roads in Lawrence become highlighted in blue. As I ...

So Much to See #7 (2/10/2008)

David Klamet

Previous:SMTS #6 Next:SMTS #8 Where is it? What is it?Here is this week's image, and I'm even including a hint. The small patches of white? That is snow.Does that help? <grin> 2nd image: Image #3: Image #4: The final image of the gazebo at Centennial Park: ...

Shuttle Launch Today

David Klamet

Launch today is scheduled for 1:45PM CST today. You can watch it in HD on channel 220, or on NASA TV.Launches now are just a small note in the news now, but if you've had a chance to see a shuttle launch, it is not something you will forget. NASA ...

So Much to See #6 (2/3/2008)

David Klamet

Previous: So Much to See #5 Next: So Much to See #7 Where is it?What is it?Yes, the image is small. A hint or larger image each day. #2 #3 is it?What is it?Who was it?The full image: is the front of Thomas Barber's monument:

So Much to See #5

David Klamet

Previous: So Much to See #4 Next: So Much to See #6 Where is it? What is it?This is visible from one of the main streets of town (as defined by me). Each day or so I'll add a larger image or hint. Some complained last week that the image ...

Show Me the Money

David Klamet

On Friday, Nov. 9th, Drake University played a basketball game at 4:30 P.M. (ET) against California-San Diego. The game was played at California-San Diego. Drake won, 81-63. One of the Drake players, Bill Eaddy, played for one minute. He had no free throw or field goal attempts. You can find ...

We Don't Have to Like It!

David Klamet

I started this with the idea of mentioning the production of "Mere Mortals" by the the E.M.U. Theatre, a fund-raiser to support the EMU and Ecumenical Christian Ministries. Before I go farther, I hope you consider supporting both the EMU and the ECM.And the title "We Don't Have to Like ...

So Much to See #4

David Klamet

Previous: So Much to See #3 Next: So Much to See #5 Here is this week's first picture. It might be anywhere (in Lawrence). It might be anything. Guess if you think you know it.No hints this time, in a day or so I'll add an ever so slightly larger ...

Do Computers Suck?

David Klamet

Do computers make you more productive, or do you spend so much time struggling that sometimes you wonder if they are worth the trouble?Do you have a questions about computers or the internet and how they work? Post your questions and I'll try to answer some in future posts.

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