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So Much to See #12 1/2 (3/21/2008)

David Klamet

Previous: SMTS #12 Next:SMTS #13 The picture below is of an open space in town I first noticed many years ago. It is unusual only because of where it is least I have always been surprised that it exists where it does. I'll post one more picture tomorrow. Identify ...

So Much to See #12 (3/16/2008)

David Klamet

Previous: SMTS #11 Next: SMTS #12 1/2 It still surprises me when I find places in town that I haven't come across before. This week's picture is of one such place. Most of the pictures I post have at least some quality that draws my eye to them from among ...

Shuttle Night Launch

David Klamet

Watching a Shuttle launch at night is an incredible experience. Below are three amateur videos of last night's launch, shot from across the water near Titusville and Cape Canaveral, each are about 10 miles from the launch pad. You can hear one group listen to a radio broadcast of the ...

So Much to See #11 (3/9/2008)

David Klamet

Previous:SMTS #10 Next:SMTS #12 Where is it? What is it? I'll let you know if you're the first person who correctly identifies the subject of the picture from the small part shown below . Each day I'll add an image that shows more of the entire scene. It ...

Amazing Sidewalk Art

David Klamet

Julian Beever does chalk drawings on sidewalks. When you follow the link at the bottom, remember that the drawings are made on flat sidewalks with colored chalk. They must be seen from a specific point, preferably through a camera lens, for the illusion to appear. They are amazing.Let me repeat:They ...

So Much to See #10 (3/2/2008)

David Klamet

Previous:SMTS #9 1/2 Next:SMTS #11 Below is a small portion of a picture taken somewhere in the Lawrence city limits. It may be something you've never noticed before.Each day I'll post an image that shows a larger part of the full picture. I'll notify the first person who identifies the ...

So Much to See #9 1/2 (2/27/2008)

David Klamet

Previous:SMTS #9 Next:SMTS #10 Since this week's image was guessed on the first comment, here is an extra picture. The entire picture is below, no sequence of gradually expanding images this time.

So Much to See #9 (2/24/2008)

David Klamet

Previous:SMTS #8 Next:SMTS #9 1/2 This one is easy. This week I return to the original rules. The first iamge below is a small part of a much larger picture. A larger image will be posted each day. The first person to correctly identify the place or "thing" will be ...

Frozen Waterfall in Estonia

David Klamet

I saw this video of a waterfall in Estonia. High winds caused ice to cover nearby objects in a fascinating natural masterpiece.

So Much to See #8 (2/17/2008)

David Klamet

Previous:SMTS #7 Next:SMTS #9 This week, for reasons known only to me, the sequence of images will be different. Instead of an image which gradually expands, I'll be post small sections from different parts of the picture. I normally add one new image each day, but this time I will ...

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