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In Plain Sight 6/14/2012 (Solved)


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Alia Ahmed identified this week's subject. See the bottom of this post for the subject and complete picture.

Many years ago, I was watching coverage of the Olympics, I saw a short segment that I still remember. It was about the last man to finish the marathon. He was never a contender, and he finished the race hours after the winners and far behind everyone else, but I guess he was too determined to stop.

Some days I think I know how he felt.

I have been creating an index of all the IPS (and SMTS)posts. I started on December 20th of 2007. I'm up to Feb 6, 2011 and my count is 127. Whew. Just thinking about it makes me tired. I surely didn't know what I'd gotten myself into.

But by golly, don't get your hopes up, I'm not done yet. One reason I finally got around to creating an index of my posts is so I could be sure I hadn't done this week's subject already. It turns out, I only duplicated one subject in all that time, and that was a special case anyway.

I think I'm up to about 160, and I don't want to stop before 200.

The image(s) above is(are) of a part of a photo of a subject somewhere in the area. I'll add additional parts of the entire photo over the next few days. You are invited to try to guess the subject and location. I'll notify the first person who correctly identifies the subject or location of the entire photo. That subject or location won't be revealed until later, after the answer is obvious. I suggest that people indicate that their guess is "Final" as opposed to just speculation and limit themselves to one final answer per person.

After all this time, I FINALLY used this subject...


lily 1 year, 10 months ago

I don't recall anything like that in Memorial Park. I guess I need to drive by T's.


Alia Ahmed 1 year, 10 months ago

I think it is the cemetery off sixth street, behind Henry T's.


tange 1 year, 10 months ago

Back in the day, my hike up the hill took me past an odd little playground, fenced out of a hillside, the highest corner worn bare. Maybe they planted a tree, to level it. Who can say who may have climbed it?


tange 1 year, 10 months ago

Can't remember the street, but I go by there EVERY day. (Maybe they should install a street mime.) Anyway, that tree's always right up against the fence, barking at me as I go by.


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