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In Plain Sight 3/6/2011


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hujiko did it again. See the end of this post for the photo and answer.

I really wanted this week's photo to be unique and memorable. However, I guess whenever you have an agenda and want to subtly send a message, fate conspires to teach you a lesson.

The photograph that I really wanted to use today turned out to be an uninteresting mess.

So, in response to fate's scolding, I took the bland photo and twiddled with it in an attempt to transform it into something both poignant and artistic. I accomplished neither, and what I ended up with isn't really a photo, isn't really poignant or artistic, but--I like it anyway.

Here is the first partial image of the modified photograph of the subject we're talking about that I took today.

And while we're on the subject...is "adon't" the opposite of "ado"?

The image(s) above is(are) of a part of a photo of a subject somewhere in the area. I'll add additional pictures of the subject over the next few days. You are invited to try to guess the subject and location. I'll notify the first person who correctly identifies the subject or location of the entire photo. That subject or location won't be revealed until later, after the answer is obvious. I suggest that people indicate that their guess is "Final" as opposed to just speculation and limit themselves to one final answer per person.

You can check my twitter account to see when new images are posted, or just check back here.

The photo below is the original. I'd noticed a couple of small seedlings that had clearly been planted just this year. Those seedlings, like the other investments that our city has made in this facility, will apparently soon be for naught.


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