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What Do We (You) Really Care About?


I have heard surprisingly little about the prospective elementary school closures. If I lived in the area and had elementary school children I would be outraged. If I were I a homeowner in that area, I would be outraged. If I were I a citizen concerned about the long bus rides for little kids I would be outraged. If I were a taxpayer who had paid for renovations and additions to that facility in the not too distant past I would be outraged.

And finally, if I were a resident of a city who could afford an extravagant new library (yes, there I go again), new high school sports stadiums, and...well I can't think of anything else but that should enough, yet can't afford to keep elementary schools open, I would be outraged.

I am only a member of some of those groups, but I guess I am one of the few who is greatly troubled by these trends.

Although I now live outside of Lawrence, I did pay taxes for improvements to that building. I am more concerned, however, about the impact on those kids and the people who will not have a community school. My kids had the benefit of a school in the neighborhood. I regret that those living south of town may not have that ...well, I don't think that it is really a luxury.

Though I've lived far from Lawrence a couple times in my life, I have always found myself drawn back. There is no place I'd rather live. I was born and raised in another town, but I've always considered myself a Lawrence native.

I live outside of town now, in a different school district, and my kids are grown. It takes me less time get to town than it does to drive across it, but I find that I'm a lot farther away from the town I remember than the few miles I drive to work each day.

When you are at your football games next year, or marveling at your new library, will you be able to explain to those kids why they lost their school? Why they have a long bus ride each day?

How many more elementary schools will you close? Is it really that easy for you to ignore those kids?

These last few years, I've spent a lot of time looking closely at "our" town. Do I see something different than what you do?

Tell me, just what is important to you people?


kjh 7 years, 2 months ago

THANK YOU. All of us whose children currently attend Wakarusa Valley appreciate your support. It makes me sad to hear you say that you have heard suprisingly little about the elementary school closures. We are trying. We are writing letters. We are calling. We are meeting with each and every school board member. We are attending meetings. But we are not the school board. They hold our children's futures in their hands, and I am afraid and upset that many of them are not listening to us. My hope is that others will speak up as you have done to let them know that this type of decision affects everyone negatively, not just us.

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