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So Much to See (5/18/2008)


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No doors or windows this week. If you've been paying attention, really paying attention to the things around you, it should be easy.I'll post a different part of the entire picture each day. To be recognized as correct, your answer must be specific. If you're the first to guess correctly, I'll contact you through your LJW account and I'll public recognize you in this post when the answer is revealed. (Sorry to those who have correctly identified pictures recently, I haven't been doing that lately).Here's the first image:


Image #2:

Here's a third:

One more partial image later, then I'll post the complete picture tonight.Here is the 3rd and last partial image:


This one of my favorite pictures, and one I've spent the most time on.
Evening image of the Sonic on N. 2nd in North Lawrence. Click on the image for a full size version
I was at the Sonic on 6th street. It has the same blue neon arch and and red and yellow neon circles so it would look the same as one shown above. Oops.The winner this week was:



David Lignell 10 years ago

No clue, Dave. Looks like the top of a Vegas signpost. Hey, can you spot me a few dollars for the slots?

mom_of_three 10 years ago

My other guess is the top of the sign for "Jefferson's" restaurant.

Nikki May 10 years ago

I thought sonic. Which one? No idea. I'll go with 23rd near Haskell since it's the closest to me.

David Lignell 10 years ago

Wait, I had a premonition. Is it the tippy top of Spangles on 6th Street?

mom_of_three 10 years ago

The Pachamama's sign on New Hampshire?

David Klamet 10 years ago

I am, of course, not saying that it is one of the Sonic's. But if it were (which, again, I am NOT saying), I believe that it is would be (if it were, which I am still not saying) possible to determine which one it was from the images above. All this, of course, if it were one of the Sonic's, which, of course, I am not saying that it is.And then again, I could be wrong.Does this make any sense?I hope not.

Casey_Jones 10 years ago

I'll guess the Sonic on North 2nd. Thanks punkrockmom!

Nikki May 10 years ago

I am almost positive it's not Jeffersons. Whoever said LJS and A&W is probably right. I forgot they put all that neon on it recently. I'm so inattentive though.

Nikki May 10 years ago

I'm serious, sonic. If it's not E 23rd, how about 6th street? Maybe out on North 2nd? Or finally it could be the one by Target. The yellow and red is so making me think it's sonic

Nikki May 10 years ago

Does the one on 6th have that open sign? The one over here (E 23rd) doesn't.I love the full picture. It's retro and modern all at once.

Nikki May 10 years ago

Ok, I cheated and said them all. I'll stick with 6th street. Someone pick the others, one person will be right.

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