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Shuttle Night Launch


Watching a Shuttle launch at night is an incredible experience. Below are three amateur videos of last night's launch, shot from across the water near Titusville and Cape Canaveral, each are about 10 miles from the launch pad. You can hear one group listen to a radio broadcast of the launch and feel the excitement as the count reaches zero.The rockets are so bright that they illuminate the low hanging clouds. The shuttle disappears into the low clouds pretty soon after launch, so the spectacle is briefer than usual, but also more stunning. After the video goes dark, you can hear the sound from the launch finally reach the camera. Even though it is 10 miles away, you can hear the crackling sound of the rockets.I hope they give you a taste of the wonder and awe of a Space Shuttle launch:
Here is another youtube video. Note the glowing clouds as the shuttle rises through them.
And one more, this is the best quality video and audio of the 3:


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