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Google Street View: Cool? Scary? Both?


Yesterday I noticed that Google Maps, a tool I use frequently, had a new button at the top of the map. The button "Street View" was something I'd heard about a few months ago.Clicking the button, I saw most of the roads in Lawrence become highlighted in blue. As I zoomed in closer, a little virtual man appeared on the map. Clicking on him caused a picture to appear above his head. The picture was a view of the city street where he was "standing". With my mouse, I was able to pan the picture around and get a 360 degree view from that location.Then I used my mouse to drag him to near where I live. From within the picture, you can not only pan, but, by clicking on the arrows superimposed on the picture, move up and down the street.Soon I had navigated to my street and then to where my house is. I panned around to the right and there was my car sitting in the driveway!Before I go farther I should say that these picture were clearly taken in summer, probably last summer. THEY ARE NOT REAL TIME IMAGES. Google has sent a vehicle around to take these pictures. It has a camera with a 360 degree view on top. Some of you have seen it, as I'll describe later. It may have been a van, or a car with a spherical camera mounted above the roof.Speaking of people who have seen it, I noticed that the blue lines (which shows those streets which have been mapped with images) extended up north of Lawrence in to Jefferson county, where my Aunt lives.I found their road and as I "approached" (virtually that is) their house I first saw my one of my cousins driving his ATV down the road, past the camera vehicle. As I approached the house, my other cousin was clearly visible on a riding lawnmower, mowing his mother's grass.Cool? Absolutely. A little scary? Maybe. One thing I'm sure of, this is only the beginning. It will only get better... or maybe worse, depending upon your perspective.The Journal World's Christine Metz also had an article on Street View" which has more information.For those of you who follow my So Much to See blog postings, here is another hint for the lastest image. It uses Google Street View to let you search the area where this week's landmark is located. Navigate around a bit and you will see the subject of this weeks picture.BTW. I've been working with the LHS Robotics Club and hope to soon have some pictures and information as they prepare for this year's US First robot competition.


Nikki May 9 years, 8 months ago

I think it's cool. I noticed it yesterday (when I was trying to cheat on your park picture) and then got completely side tracked. It's not too accurate. Our house number is 2728 and when I did that with our street, it came WAY down the block. As I "drove" on, it said we were at approximately 2760 instead. Anyway, none of my cars were home so I went to my mom's and she wasn't home either, but my step dad was. So, drove down the street and my kids were NOT at the county fair pool where they usually are when spending time with my parents in the summer. So, I went to work. I wasn't there either. No idea where I was on a nice day like that. Oh well, it was fun.

swhite 9 years, 8 months ago

Pretty neat! I also checked our address and it was wrong. Our street number is 2731 and it had us at 2774. I'm not sure when they took ours but our teenager wasn't home and my van was gone.

kramdorf 9 years, 8 months ago

My address was dead on accurate with two of the three vehicles in ths driveway. Fortunately the lawn was mowed.

mom_of_three 9 years, 8 months ago

i checked ours, and our address was wrong, too. And I know it was trash day, because our trash cans are out in front of the house. The lawn is mowed -thank goodness. Should check to see if you can see a dog peaking through the window.

iplaysupernintendo 9 years, 8 months ago

I did this to both my address and my place of work. I work downtown, and being able to "cruise" down Mass. is awesome, but when I typed in the address of my workplace, I could CLEARLY see in the front window of our business.... I'm a little freaked out! Also, the camera caught a man and a woman on a vespa downtown and neither of them were wearing helmets, and I could clearly see their faces... a little weird if you ask me.

jhkfan 9 years, 8 months ago

Looks like only northeastern Kansas is included in the street views. The rest of the state still has our privacy! Topeka & Wichita are not on street views yet.

alm77 9 years, 8 months ago

Yeah, I stumbled across it today. Glad to see the toys were picked up in our yard. whew. I do wish they would have let us know though just in case we did have bikes etc. out there. Its a teeny bit creepy, but on the other hand, anyone could drive down our street at any time, so what's the difference?

Hotrod_granny 9 years, 8 months ago

Our house is half painted, thank goodness i was not out painting at the time they came by. however I was at work. taking a break. got me.

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