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Add Him to the List


I've only gone to KU basketball games for the last few years. Hearing Hank's announcing at the games seemed so natural that I thought nothing of it. I assumed he'd been doing it for years.The first time I remember hearing Hank Booth as announcer was at the Jaycee's fireworks display, back when it was held in Memorial Stadium.Recently I've written about some of the things that I remember about Lawrence and many have added their recollections. By training and by inclination I'm an engineer. I prefer facts to opinion...even when the opinion is my own.Hank Booth is every bit as much a part of Lawrence as is Dragstrip Road, the Sunset Drive-in, or Woolworth's. That's an opinion.College football and basketball are all about the money. That's an opinion, too.KU basketball games won't be the same without Hank Booth as announcer.That's a fact.Add him to the list of things we remember about Lawrence.


Ronda Miller 10 years, 3 months ago

I couldn't agree more. Hank Booth has been an incredible force in the Lawrence landscape as long as I have been here - 1972. He is one of the finest, most giving humans I have had a chance to meet; I only wish I knew him better.

I can't think of any fundraiser that I have attended that hasn't been overseen by Mr. Booth's pleasant appearance, wonderful voice, and joking personality.

All of Lawrence honors this man as one of our top citizens.

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