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Lawrence, The Way We Remember It


Here are the answers, based upon what I know and what was said in the comments, please let me know of any errors. 1. Where and what was Griff's? A burger place on 23rd, located approximately across from where Mongolian BBQ is now, It was in an unusual A-frame building 2. What major retail chain had a store where the Antique Mall is now located. (Hint, it has moved again since then). For extra credit, where did it move to before moving to its present location? J.C. Penney's, It moved to occupy the Montgomery Ward's location near 23rd and Iowa before moving to its present location. 3. Name a store that is now located where Woolworth's used to be located. Kinko's, Saffee's, Chipotle 4. Bucky's originally had another name, what was it? Sandy's. An article this week reported Bucky's closing. 5. Where did George's Hobby Shop used to be located? The Malls, 23rd and Iowa. It moved to Paper Warehouse, before moving to a building behind. Someone also reported it being at 19th and Mass, if so, that was before my time. 6. What was the name of the drive-in theater that was located on 6th Street near where Sonic is now located? Sunset Drive-in 7. There was yet another drive-in theater in town, where was it? For extra credit what was its name. Please tell me, I don't know. This was before my time, I'm told it was the Chateau on 23rd street, near where Laird Noller is now. Or was it the Lawrence Drive-in? 8. Where was the Vista drive-in located? On 6th street. The "Olympic" pool was down the streeon on the other side. 9. What is the name of the restaurant that occupied the building where Bambino's is now? Cornucopia, the only place I've ever eaten quiche. 10. Where was the "Campus Hideaway" located? Just north of South Park.There were a number of us who remember going to the Sunset, climbing on the train, and seeing Leo Beuerman. Other recollections (a partial list)The church at the corner of 6th and Maine, followed by Alfie's?, now Taco John'sQuantrill's Flea Market.
Drake's Bakery
Lion/ Red Lion (are these the same?)
Bob's Big Boy
Sub & Stuff (I remember the Spicy Italian)
Shakey's Pizza (later Valentino's)
Putt-Putt at 31st and Iowa
Rusty's IGAs
Don's Steakhouse south of town on Iowa, before my time.
Liberty Hall and its long history.
Raney Drug
Tin Pan Alley
LeMans Arcade
Dairy King
Mr. Steak (free birthday dinners)
Drag Strip Road
...Didn't see Jenning's Daylight Donuts mentioned. Did anyone ever go to the the Aqua Forum to get tropical fish? I remember it on the east edge of town on 23rd Street before it moved to the Mall, behind where Wendy's is now... until is closed There was also Jayhawk Tropical Fish.Thank you, everyone, for a nice (I might even say wonderful) trip down memory lane.


Twedledumber 10 years, 6 months ago

Here are a couple of others I remember. We moved here in 1976.

Green Pepper Pizza on 23rd where Pizza Hut is now. After Green Pepper it became a Valentino's. Potter's Phillips 66 on 23rd and Louisana where Walgren's is now. Fantasyland skating Rink on south 31st. Royal Lanes bowling alley where about where Earl May garden center is. Julie's restuarant on south Iowa Putt Putt on South Iowa and 31st. Hillcrest movie theatre. Country Kitchen, Village Inn and Sambo's restaraunts. T. J. Cinnamon's on 23rd. Yellow Sub when it first opened in a little hole in the wall on 23rd about where Panera Bread is now. Gibson's on Iowa where Office Depot is now. Kansas Color Press on Haskell. Ben Franklin's on Mass. Johnny i's used to be a Burger Chef? Big Boy restaurant on Iowa, Was it a Shoney's?? Pup's on 9th St. Great cheese fries and dogs!! K-mart on iowa, the "Blue Light Special".

OnlyTheOne 10 years, 6 months ago

Hell no! It's not Wakarusa. It's Dragstrip road. Durn Yuppies!

Alison Carter 10 years, 6 months ago

Can anyone expand on HAPPY HAL's which opened just after WWII? Located on 23rd...way east.

Bitterfalls 10 years, 6 months ago

"Lucifer's", it also went by various other names. On west 9th street. Originally built as an apartment building (Or frathouse?) on the south side of 9th where that big retaining wall is now, and a newer set of apartment buildings are.

It was abandoned sometime in the 1970's, then stripped down to nothing but the concrete skeleton.

A great place to hang out. Lots of really good (And some bad) graffiti artwork there.

geekin_topekan 10 years, 6 months ago

Quantrill's Fleamarket.Many Sat/sun mornings in the back corner at the snack bar drinking coffee and playing poker with the old antique dealer dudes. Taco Grande used to be located at 9th and Indiana.Three tacos for a Dollar on thursday nights!!Greasy nasty tacos and the best salsa bar in the business.yeah baby! Johnny's TAvern would open at 6am! There used to be a record store at 25th and Iowa where the liquor store is now.12"vinyl was the prefered medium at the time.They had a fabulous selection of "independent" labels.Oh,how I wish I had my highschool collection with me today.They were stored in me mum's basement for years but were turned over to Goodwill at some point.

Jeff Goodrick 10 years, 6 months ago

Taco Grande was on 23rd st before it was on 9th. It was where Subway is today. Happy Hal's was out on K10 right next to Deems John Deere, old style surf and turf.

Ken Miller 10 years, 6 months ago

By the old Putt-Putt on 31st and Iowa, there was a butcher's shop - great meats. It closed just before the Putt-Putt did. What was the name, and more importantly, we need a quality meats/butcher shop in Lawrence!

razz 6 years, 1 month ago

I believe that was Harwood Meats. I worked at Bucky's back in the day and we only used fresh hamburger patties, not frozen, and this is where we ordered from. Great steaks too!!

Bobo Fleming 10 years, 6 months ago

My parents and I went to all the Lawrence Legion ball games. Hadl and Shick played on the team. After the games it was off to Happy Hals for burgers and fries. Also I think there was a place on Mass called Ducks. Great rings. Also Varsity Velvet ice cream store. And Also Granada Theater was air conditioned. 20 deg cooler inside.

MattressMan 10 years, 6 months ago

geekin_topekan (Anonymous) says:"There used to be a record store at 25th and Iowa where the liquor store is now."

That was Kiefs when the actually sold records, before they moved to the Iowa st location they were in the Malls Shopping Center at 23rd and Louisiana.

oscarfactor (Anonymous) says: "By the old Putt-Putt on 31st and Iowa, there was a butcher's shop - great meats. It closed just before the Putt-Putt did. What was the name, and more importantly, we need a quality meats/butcher shop in Lawrence!"

The original Putt Putt was on 23rd around where Yellow Sub is, it wasn't until several years later that the 31st St PuttPutt was built, and the meat store was Harwoods.I agree on the local butcher shop.

auturgy 10 years, 6 months ago

Where are you Putt Putt, when I need you?! And the Roller Skating rink!? And the Dollar Theatre(s)?!

David Klamet 10 years, 6 months ago

How could I forget the rocket at Broken Arrow park? The one you could climb up in....3 levels as I recall. I'm glad that at least my kids got to play in it before it was taken down.

Shari Eichenberger 9 years, 9 months ago

Does anyone remember the big blue slide on 6th street about where Vantuyle Motors is? You slid down on a gunny sack.

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