In Simple Words

What and where is this?

David Klamet

I used to post photos of out of the way places in this blog. Today I ran across something that was unexpected. Since it is a little out of the way, even though it is probably pretty obvious, I thought I'd post it.

Timelapse: Growing shadows

David Klamet

I've been experimenting with a new camera which let me takes series of photos so that I can create timelapse movies. This is the first of my efforts.

In Plain Sight(??) 9/12/2012

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 6/24/2012 It is amazing I have the nerve to show my face around here, but I saw something worth a post, so it is below. If you've seen it, and can identify it, you're welcome to do so in the comments. Otherwise I'll do so in a day ...

Fiber in Douglas county?

David Klamet

With all the attention Google is getting with the fiber plans in Kansas City, I thought it was a good idea to share some things I've heard, and see if anyone knows more. A few years ago, I was sitting in the barbershop. The gentleman next to me was telling ...

IPS 6/24/2012 (Solved)

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 6/14/2012 Next: IPS 9/11/2012 hujiko quickly identified the subject this week. This is the 163rd post since since December 20th of 2007. Within the next week or so, I'll post an index of all those photos. But, in the meantime, I am in dire need of subjects and ...

In Plain Sight 6/14/2012 (Solved)

David Klamet

Previous:IPS 6/2/2012 Next:IPS 6/24/2012 Alia Ahmed identified this week's subject. See the bottom of this post for the subject and complete picture. Many years ago, I was watching coverage of the Olympics, I saw a short segment that I still remember. It was about the last man to finish the ...

IPS 6/2/2012 (Still going)

David Klamet

I guess when you fall off the front page you fall off the edge of the earth. I just added a 3rd image, no one has attempted a guess of a subject in the current space time continuum.

Venus Transit in Progress

David Klamet

Well, I have a telescope and the last transit of Venus across the face of the sun for over a hundred years is happening right now. I've set up a somewhat crude rig to project the Sun's image on some white posterboard. As Lawrence suggested in the comments, DO NO ...

In Plain Sight 6/2/2012 (Solved)

David Klamet

Previous: IPS 5/23/2012 Next: IPS 6/14/2012 It is time to give it to 'frankie8'. See the bottom of this post for the answer. Still trying to my rhythm back, hopefully I'll do this on a regular basis, even if turns out to be less than once a week. To that ...

Things That Aren't Downtown

David Klamet

I'm spending a day downtown, mostly in the library, while my car is in the shop. This has, not surprisingly, given me a chance to consider how the character of downtown has changed. While walking up to Milton's this morning for breakfast, I was reminded of a visit to the ...


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